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 tank tutorial

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PostSubject: tank tutorial   tank tutorial EmptySat Apr 12, 2008 6:42 am

this is mostly for gm pro but it will work for gm 7

First, I will show you how to make the rotation. First click “sprite”, then type this 32x 32y. This is very important.

Then click “add event>step>step”
And type the following code

Code: if speed>5 speed=5

So what does this mean?
I'll tell you:

if speed>5 speed=5

This means, that if the speed is larger than 5, the speed is 5.
It basically sets the max speed for the tank or car.

This makes the tank or car glide a little bit when you have stopped driving.
The higher value you have, the shorter it will glide.

Ok now click “add event>keyboard>up”
And put some code into it.

Code: motion_add(image_angle,+0.4)

Ok now click “add event>keyboard>left” Now, lets put some more code in.

Code: direction+=5

Ok, now, click
“add event>keyboard>right” Now, lets put some more code in.

Code: direction-=5

And if you want them to back up then click “add event>keyboard>down”

Code: motion_add(image_angle,-0.4)

Ok, now, we have got that covered. If you want to make a tank or car, then name your object:”tank”. Now make a new object and name that “turret” and type 32x 15y
Now click “add event>step>step”
And then put some code in it.

Code: image_angle=point_direction(x,y,mouse_x,mouse_y)

And there you go. Now, if you want to make him shoot a bullet, then create a new object and name it “bullet” and click “add event>create” and add some code.

Code: direction=point_direction(x,y,mouse_x,mouse_y)
Code: image_angle=direction

If the bullet goes too fast then just change the 10 into what ever number you want (the higher the faster).
Now, click add
“add event>other>outside” room and put some more Code in it.

Code: instance_destroy()

this took me some time but i got soo you can do it too.
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tank tutorial
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